You loved connecting our cables to your mechanical keyboards and after 4 years it is time to offer you more. Our focus has always been to embellish our products with a human touch you can connect to physically and emotionally and we did this with the cables we created for your devices.

Today we want to go even further beyond and create a whole new experience for your electronics. We have a new mission and this means we have to make some changes to our business and our brand JUJUCables.

We are rebranding to ‘ZEDEEN’ and our mission is to make the future of sustainable and innovative consumer electronics.

We hope you enjoy and continue loving your JUJUCables. We will continue to offer support and honor our warranty with products purchased from our online store. If you have any questions please contact us below.

You can learn more about our rebrand and upcoming product range by clicking below.

We are rebranding to the name ‘ZEDEEN’ (pronounced ‘ze-deen’) with our new logo which has the interlocking black Z and emerald green N. The infinite hourglass defines our purpose for infinite innovation to create timeless products that you will love to use every day.

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