JUJUCables - New Website!

I will be making a special video to tie with the first release of a official product: JUJU DIY Cables!

FIRST follow me on YouTube!
>>> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC36z4b4We7SLRj40Mw07DEg?sub_confirmation=1 <<<

Our focus is to make more of these cables but in a BETTER and UNIQUE way.

We LOVED hand producing these cables and getting YOU connected! But we want to get connected with MORE of you and we want the experience to be consistent!

To do this we needed to take some downtime.

We will be returning soon with a whole new product range and better items and value.

– DIY Cable Kits
– DIY Coiled Cable Kits
– Pre-Made JUJUCables (with official packaging and other goodies!)

See you on YouTube! Yallah bye!