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Frequently Asked Questions

Why JUJUCables?

We HATE bad cables with a passion. Have you had a time where you were in an urgent situation and things don’t work out with your tech?

This is what we want to avoid and stop. At the same time we want people to get connected to tech in way that they love and appreciate.

JUJU is a place to allow people to feel connected to the digital world as positive, genuine, and realistic as possible. Our business is all about getting people connected, and ensuring the process is as human and natural as possible.

Today we normally associate technology being associated with stress, depression, sadness, loneliness and feeling disconnected.

We want that view to change. We think technology can connect us better and make us feel and work better, by making it work for us!

We also want to help creatives, masterminds, and creators to be understood. We want them to see that using our products will allow them to connect to the tech that they use every day to be creative at a deeper and meaningful level.

This is our mission at JUJUCables, and with your help and support we can get you and others connected!

What are Coiled Cables?

Coiled cables are not only aesthetic cords that spice up your workspace. They have many advantages which may suit your setup or improve the use of your tech! coiled cables are expandable cables which offer a varied length and ease of movement of a device. They are used virtually everywhere from power lines to USB Cables.

At JUJU, we have cable products which are coiled and allow several benefits:

  1. Conveniently move your devices anywhere with that added flexibility of length.
  2. They are aesthetic and cleaner on a desk because of the ability to retract and be stored away easily, taking up less space than a hunk of straight cable.
  3. Less hassle with straight cables of limited length.

Are your Coiled Cables ‘Reversed’?

Our coiled cables are completely reversed. This means that they will remain:

  • Snappy
  • Elastic
  • Flexible; and

They will not uncoil or unravel.

Our coiling method is unique. It provides a balance of snap and flexibility on the desk so it can be molded into any shape.

What are Custom USB Cables?

USB Cables are normally mass produced in factories all over the world, however there is a lack of detail in the quality and longevity of the cable. We at JUJU want you to embrace quality with a personal touch that gets you connected.

We produce custom made USB cables which allow you to get connected. You can design the cable the way you like and appreciate. It will help you get connected to what tech you love even better, because now the connection is emotional and not just a tool.

You can check out our custom cable customisers or our cables that are in stock! Both will get you connected!

Do you ship Worldwide?

Yes! We ship to most countries worldwide! Below is the list with the potential shipping time.

For a more in-depth understanding of our shipping times in Australia and around the world check out our Shipping Page!

During COVID-19 we are unable to send to these countries due to restrictions. If your country is not listed, you should be fine!

If it doesn’t seem to work let us know and we can fix your problem!

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Can I Order A Complete Custom Commissioned Cable?

At this time we are not offering complete custom cables with specific requirements unfortunately.

However we are hoping to integrate such a product quite soon!

Do know that we have a cable customizer which a variety of options that is likely to match what you want!

Custom Coiled Mechanical Keyboard Cable Customizer

What is ‘Techflex’ or Double Sleeving?

Techflex is a sleeving that is used to produce some of our cables. It allows another level of customization in terms of colour and added durability of the cable due to the added layer.

You can mix and match colours with the double sleeving to make for some really interesting colours!

Check out and follow our Instagram for our many examples of what you could get connected with!

Where can I order a JUJUCable?

Check out the below categories!

What are Aviator or Detachable Cables?

Aviator or detachable cables are cables which allow you to interchange the connector end of your cable. For example:

  • Aviator connectors allow you to remove the connector and interchange it with a USB-C, USB Mini B, and USB Micro B connector. It depends on the device you are using.
  • It is also aesthetic because of a bulky connector which sits on top of your table. It can be customized in colour and other features to your liking.

What is the Difference Between ‘Made to Order’ and ‘In-Stock’

We sell two types of cables on our store:

  • Made To Order – This means that the cable is made to your customized liking. We currently have two products that allow you to customize parts of the cable for example.
    • These products are not in stock and are in fact made by hand catered to your requirements.
    • The cables have a processing period or time as listed on the product page.
  • In Stock – This means the cables are in stock and are available to be shipped as soon as practicable. There is no processing time involved with making the cable or product.

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