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My name is Joe Gaz. In 2017 I established this brand called ‘JUJU’ or ‘JUJUCables’.

The goal for this brand is to get connected to people. We produce products and create content which allows people to get connected to the technology they love in the most human way possible.

Today we look at technology as mere tools instead of extensions of our existence. This is why we believe more than ever, as technology continues to grow that we should learn to create a more human connection with it.

To facilitate this objective I started to create custom and hand-made USB cables which are high quality and as bespoke as it can get:

These cables could be used for most devices, but they were specifically made for mechanical keyboards. I started to think about different cables that could be made for different devices and to customize them so that people could feel more connected to their tech.

From mobile phones to DJ headphones, nothing was off limits.

Then came the iPhone and the infamous Apple Lightning cable. Click the Title below to see more!

How I made my own iPhone Cable

Since 2019 I have been trying to DIY my own iPhone Lightning cable. I was successfully able to do so in early 2020 and recently I decided to share my win to the world!

The solution? Recycle! Apple has made their iPhone cables in a certain way that causes their cables to deteriorate to quickly. I personally don’t know the real reason why. The good thing is that the cable connector can be recycled and reused, however it can be difficult.

And it definitely was…

2 months of work went into making this video so that people can understand that they need a good quality MFI certified lightning cable otherwise they would be scammed.

If they were up for it and savvy enough, they could make their own from older broken cables which I will be releasing a tutorial soon on HOW to do it.

The moral of the story is I found out a way and I made a video about it here:

Make your own iPhone Cable!

Feel free to embed this video into your blog or media post with credits.


Q: Who are you?

A: I am Joe Gaz from JUJU / JUJUCables.

I am an avid tech lover, electronics hobbyist and DIY and hacker enthusiast. If there is any way I can make something to my personal taste, then I will. I love learning about everything and I am very curious!

I have a goal of building my own brand where I can connect to people. I build and make products and content that allows people to get connected to me and their tech. It makes me happy when I see people gaining benefit from my content or enjoying my products.

This is what empowered me to start JUJU in 2017.

Q: What is the JUJU Brand about?

A: We are getting connected to people who want to express themselves through the technology they use every day. The people who care and worship their workspaces and workstations.

People who express themselves by buying products that expresses what they feel or share to others.

People who want a deeper connection with the technology they use and create masterpieces with.

Q: Why did you make your own iPhone Cable?

A: I wanted to see whether it was possible to innovate the infamous iPhone cable. They break so often and peel and look so ugly that I wanted to make my own. I currently make bespoke mechanical keyboard cables, so I ventured into creating iPhone cables.

I found fake iPhone connectors and was interested to find they do not work properly. MFI certification is what Apple uses to control what products can be used with it’s devices (which I guess there may be good reasons why).

The only way to make real iPhone cables is to get MFI certified. I wanted to see if I could just make one for myself and I found that recycling them is the best way if done correctly.

This is why I was inspired to make the video.

Q: How much did it cost or what parts are needed?

A: You need the typical electronics tools: soldering iron, solder, wire snips.

You will need some USB cable, USB A connector, paracord, heatshrink and some patience.

It cost very little for the extra parts but the time to product ratio is a bit low. Apple has made it super difficult to open these connectors and when you do, you may break the connector anyways with the force used.

Q: Couldn’t you just buy an MFI certified cable instead?

A: Why would I want a cheap re-brand of what already is an iPhone cable?

Since I have worked with many types of cables over 3 years, I know what a high quality cable should look like. Feel free to check out my Instagram to see what I mean.

And besides, what would be the fun of DIY if you didn’t recycle things which are not really broken!

How to Get in Contact with JUJU

If you would like to contact me feel free to know the following in advance:

  • I am available for interviews! I live in Australia so I hope our times align in someway. I can make time if you can and make it work. Online interviews are fine.
  • I can prepare a video ahead of time if need be discussing the project and my story.
  • Images and other content can be used with credits to my website (jujucables.com), my Instagram (@jujucables) and my name (Joe Gaz).
Please generally describe your issue or question