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  • $ 100.27 USD
    • AUD: $ 139.99

    You visualize your ultimate keyboard cable and leave it to us to get you connected!

    Need help on how to customize your custom coiled keyboard cable? Check below for instructions!

    These are hand made custom cables. It takes approximately 3-4 weeks to process a custom cable.

    Current Waiting Time (not to be confused with processing time): None!

  • $ 21.45 USD
    • AUD: $ 29.95

    NOW BACK IN STOCK! If you buy two kits now you get a $10 discount! Simply make two orders and it will add the discount to your final cart!

    ✅Do you want to LEARN how to BUILD your OWN JUJU USB Cable? YES?

    ✅Now you can with our high quality dedicated kit with a professional tutorial and video on my YouTube Channel.

    ✅Build your own 1.5m USB-C / Mini / Micro USB cable with basic home tools! Don’t have the right tools? Check my store for the tools I use every day!

    Soon to be updated kit for even MORE value!

  • $ 42.97 USD
    • AUD: $ 60.00

    This is the ultimate custom USB cable customizer! You have several options to choose from to allow you to get connected! So go ahead! Make it yours!

    Need help on how to customize this cable? Check below for instructions!

    Looking for the Coiled USB Cable Customizer? Click here!