Custom Audio Cable (3.5mm TRS to TRS Jack)

$ 79.95 AUD

?~ 1.5m Audio Cable – Perfect for Your Work Desk!

✅ Gold Plated and Solid Metal Casing!

✅ Hand Made in Australia!

This is an in-stock cable! Order now!

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The Specs:

This specific cable comes with:

  • Standard 3.5mm TRS to 3.5mm TRS Audio Jack
  • Solid Metal Gold Plated 3.5mm Jack Casing
  • 1.5m Length – Perfect for sitting at your work or gaming desk!*
  • Techflex Double Sleeving for abrasion protection while maintaining flexibility.
  • Shielded Audio Cable for quality sound.

These cables are made in Australia from scratch!

* Due to the process of making these hand made cables, there will be variances of the final cable length. All cables are checked to ensure they match the specifications shown above.

Shipping Your Cable:

This is a hand-made product and is not mass produced. This specific item is in-stock and can be shipped immediately. This is not a made to order item.

Shipping time depends on location. We only offer tracked shipping for our cables.

To track your order or see approximate shipping times please check our shipping page.

Ultimate Service and Support:

Have a problem with your cable? No worries! We will look after you and make sure you are satisfied with your cable!

However, we will not replace cables that have been abused or damaged such as by: forcefully twisting or breaking a connector, or any other obvious abuse.

If you have any issues with your cable please let us know (by clicking here) and we will look after you!

We also have a brilliant online support guides! Click Me!

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