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✅Do you want to LEARN how to BUILD your OWN JUJU USB Cable? YES?

✅Now you can with our high quality dedicated kit with a professional tutorial and video on my YouTube Channel.

✅Build your own 1.5m USB-C / Mini / Micro USB cable with basic home tools! Don’t have the right tools? Check my store for the tools I use every day!




You want to build your own DIY USB Cable, but you want it to be unique and high quality?

Making a JUJUCable is easy, so now you can too! This is JUJU’s dedicated DIY USB Cable Kit with all high quality parts made just for you! Simple to make because JUJU makes it simple!

Why a DIY Kit?

I have made a video tutorial based on this kit so it is easy for you to put together just like I do! I have been making cables for years BY HAND! So now it is time to teach you how to make USB cables! Be sure to check out my video tutorial here!:

Link to YouTube

So what do I get?

The kit includes:

  • 1 x 1.5m USB Cable (you can cut it to any length you like!)
  • 1 x 1.5m Paracord in a colour of your choice! (Shown in the menu! No need for searching on two pages!)
  • 1 x USB 2.0 Male DIY Connector (Gold Plated)
  • A choice of a 1 x DIY USB Connector (which include all-metal housings/casings):
    • Type C 2.0 (Gold Plated!)*
    • Mini B (Silver – Nickel Plated)
    • Micro B (Silver – Nickel Plated)
  • 2 x pieces of coloured USB connector casings (heatshrink) of your choice.

* Our USB-C 2.0 Connectors are high quality and implement the proper power/design specifications for USB-C 2.0.

I recommend purchasing two DIY cable kits! If it is your first time building something like this and working with tools like a soldering iron.

If you buy two kits now you get a $10 discount! Simply make two orders and it will add the discount to your final cart! Enjoy!

Quality Support

I do my best to provide really informative tutorials that will help you understand how to build JUJU products as simple as possible. Be sure to join our discord if you need help building your cable!

Click here to join our Discord!


Safety and Disclaimer:

  • All DIY kits are delivered as components for self-assembly.
  • All DIY kits are sold under the presumption that the customer has previous experience with
    soldering and electronics. Our support guides only serve to help you make your DIY product.
  • All DIY kits will require some form of safety precautions. Please implement some of the suggested safety precautions listed in the Guide above.
Weight0.10 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 3 cm
Paracord Colours

Black, Gunmetal Grey, Light Grey, White, Imperial Red, Red Desire, Fushia Pink, Pink, Jigglypuff Pink, Orange, Yellow, JUJU Gold, Light Green, Forest Green, Neon Green, Sapphire Blue, Electric Blue, Azure Blue, Oxford Blue, Teal, Baby Blue, Mizu Blue, Acid Purple, Lilac Purple, New Brown, Khaki Camo, Rambo Camo, Miami Blues, Pink Camo, Pink Camo 2, Orange Camo, Purple Camo, Poly Acid, Fireball, USA, Black Rainbow, White Rainbow

Connector Casing Colour

Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black, Clear

USB Connector Choice

USB Type C (2.0), USB Mini B, USB Micro B