Frozen Blue | Coiled Mechanical Keyboard USB Cable


✅ 1.5M Long with 20cm Coils

✅ USB-A Male to USB Type C (2.0) (Gold Plated)

✅ Hand Made in Australia

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The Specs:

  • Gold Plated USB C 2.0 Cable to USB Type A 2.0 Computer Connector
  • Length of 1.5M with a 20CM Durable and Stretchy Coil
  • Durable Double Layer Techflex over Paracord Sleeving

All Cables Are Proudly Produced in Australia.

Why our Cables?

Our coiled cables give you the freedom to do anything with your mechanical keyboard. Move it where you like without worrying about it breaking or stretching out of shape. Own your desk. Own your keyboard.

How do we do this? Our coiling process is unique. Unmatched. It has a balance of rigidity to make your coils look good in any shape but also the flexibility to move where your keyboard needs it to be. Straight, parallel, you own it.

The perfect requirement for the optimal gaming or office setup. Made to match your perfect setup.

You will also enjoy the clean look it offers versus more standard straight cables.

What will it work with?

This is a mechanical keyboard cable. It is made for computer keyboards and computer peripherals that support a coiled cable. This cable is not made to charge mobile telephones or other high-powered devices.

If you are looking for cables to charge your mobile device, please check here.

Shipping Your Cable:

This is a hand-made product and a stock item. It can be shipped immediately.

Enjoy free tracked shipping with our products to anywhere in the world!

To track your order or see approximate shipping times please check our shipping page.

Service and Support:

Have a problem with your cable? No worries! We will look after you and make sure you are satisfied with your cable!

We will not replace cables that have been abused or damaged such as by: over-stretching the coil, forcefully twisting or breaking a connector, or any other obvious abuse.

Having problems? Check out our brilliant online support guide!

If you have any issues with your cable please contact us.

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