High Temperature Kapton Tape (25mm x 33m)


This tape is great for all electronics projects. Cables, batteries, you name it! Stick it on and protect your devices from heat or shorting!

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25mm x 33m Heat Resistant High Temperature Kapton Polyimide Tape for BGA

High temperature resistant, solvent, stable and reliable performance characteristics. Can be used with PCBs, cables, batteries, electronics and other electrical uses.

Specification :
Length : Approx 33m
Width : 25mm
Thickness : 0.055mm
Tensile Strength : ≥42N / 25mm
Peel Force : ≥26N / 25mm
Holding Power : 48H
Heat Resistance : 280℃
Package includes : 
1 x Kapton High Temperature Heat Resistant Tape