Custom Keyboard USB Cable Customizer (Straight)

$ 44 USD

Need help on how to customize this cable? Check below for instructions!

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Design Your Own Custom Coiled Mechanical Keyboard Cables!

Why JUJU?:

We want you to get connected as soon as possible!

We will get you connected to the technology you love that allows you to be creative, learn, live, and enjoy what you have.

We happen to make these custom and bespoke USB cables which allow you to get connected to your beloved mechanical keyboard or any other device you use!

Cable Specifications:

  • Length: 1.5m long
  • Sleeving and Inner Materials: Double sleeved for quality, durability and aesthetics with a paracord inner layer and Techflex sleeving outer layer.
  • Gold Plated Connectors
  • Made in Australia by hand.

How to customize your ultimate Coiled Keyboard USB Cables:

  1. First, choose your colour for the inner material.
  2. Second, choose your double sleeving. This material goes on top of the base colour and will help to add aesthetics, strength and create the ultimate coiled cable. You can mix and match your base and secondary colours to create some awesome colour combinations. Feel free to get inspired by checking our gallery on Instagram and consider following for more!
  3. Third, choose a connector casing colour on the tips of the connectors.
  4. Fourth, choose your connector for the device side of the cable.
  5. The length of the cable is pre-set at 1.5m.

Are you not sure if you want the flexibility of length? Check out our coiled cable customiser

Shipping Your Cable:

This is a hand-made product and is not mass produced. We believe in quality and I am sure you do too. Your order may take between 3-4 weeks processing time to make and ship the cable. Shipping time depends on location. We only offer tracked shipping for our cables.

To track your order or see approximate shipping times please check our shipping page.

Ultimate Support and Service:

Have a problem with your cable? No worries! We will look after you and make sure you are satisfied with your cable!

If you have any issues with your cable please let us know (by clicking here) and we will look after you!

Confused or Unsure?:

Please do not be afraid to message or contact us!

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Weight0.15 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 3 cm
Paracord Colours

Black, Gunmetal Grey, Light Grey, White, Imperial Red, Red Desire, Fushia Pink, Pink, Jigglypuff Pink, Orange, Yellow, JUJU Gold, Light Green, Forest Green, Neon Green, Sapphire Blue, Electric Blue, Azure Blue, Oxford Blue, Teal, Baby Blue, Mizu Blue, Acid Purple, Lilac Purple, New Brown, Khaki Camo, Rambo Camo, Miami Blues, Pink Camo, Pink Camo 2, Orange Camo, Purple Camo, Poly Acid, Fireball, USA, Black Rainbow, White Rainbow

Double Sleeving

Black, Purple, Clear

Connector Casing Colour

Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black, Clear, Frozen Llama, Black on White

USB Connector Choice

USB Type C (2.0), USB Mini B, USB Micro B

Length of Cable

0.5m, 1.0m, 1.5m