Mellow Pink | Coiled Mechanical Keyboard USB Cable

$ 69.00 AUD

Mellow Pink with White connector casings!

Perfect Cable for all keycap sets and keyboards/devices!

?~ A Total Length of 1.5m with ~20cm of coiled cable goodness (inclusive) and expandable up to ~10cm extra! 

✅ USB-A Male to USB Type C (2.0) (Gold Plated)

✅ Hand Made in Australia!

This is an In-Stock Custom Cable, Order Now! Limited Stock!

Out of stock

What is it?

This is a sexy keyboard cable waiting to get connected to your mechanical keyboard and complete your setup!

Here is your chance to own this premium and bespoke JUJU Cable. Made with the highest quality materials and by the most experienced hands for longevity and eye opening aesthetics.

It is up to you to make your ultimate gaming setup, and this is a definite way to complete it!

The Specs:

This specific cable comes with:

  • ~1.5m of straight cable with ~20cm of coiled cable goodness expandable up to ~10cm extra*! (a total of 1.5m)
  • USB Type C 2.0 Cable** (Gold Plated)
  • Pink inner sleeving with Official Clear Glassy Techflex Double Sleeving for aesthetics and durability; and
  • White Connector Casings to match the theme!

These cables are made in Australia from scratch!

* Due to the process of making these hand made cables, there will be variances of the final cable length. All cables are checked to ensure they match the specifications shown above.

**Our USB-C connectors are high quality and implement the proper power/design specifications for USB-C 2.0.

Why should I buy your coiled keyboard cables?

Our coiling process is extremely unique and provides a different experience for you. Our coil is snappy/elastic but also is quite flexible on the desk. It allows you to make it straight and parallel to your keyboard and it can be shaped or moved with ease.

It is what we call a ‘flexible’ coiled keyboard cable that has a balance of snappiness and flexibility, two things which are almost always needed for the perfect gaming or desk setup! 

Not to mention going away with cable clutter, yuck…

This is our solution to all those problems you may be having!

For the technical people, our keyboard coiled cables are properly reversed using our unique coiling technique. You won’t be getting any loose coils with JUJU, and if you do let us know and we will have your back 😉 .

What will it work with?

This is a mechanical keyboard cable. It is made for computer keyboards and peripherals that support a coiled cable. This cable is not made for charging or data transfer on phones and other devices due to its length.

If you are looking for mobile and other device cables for charging and data you should check out the cables here!

Straight USB Cable Customizer

Shipping Your Cable:

This is a hand-made product and is not mass produced. This specific item is in-stock and can be shipped immediately. This is not a made to order item.

Shipping time depends on location. We only offer tracked shipping for our cables.

To track your order or see approximate shipping times please check our shipping page.

Ultimate Service and Support:

Have a problem with your cable? No worries! We will look after you and make sure you are satisfied with your cable!

However, we will not replace cables that have been abused or damaged such as by: over-stretching the coil, forcefully twisting or breaking a connector, or any other obvious abuse.

Please do not forcefully over-stretch your coil like it is a slinky toy.

If you have any issues with your cable please let us know (by clicking here) and we will look after you!

We also have a brilliant online support guides! Click Me!

Confused or Unsure about Coiled Cables?

Please do not be afraid to message or contact us!

Click Me For Help!


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