Purple and Blue (Factory Second) | Coiled Mechanical Keyboard USB Cable

$ 59.00 AUD

👌~ Total Length of 1.5m with ~20cm of coiled cable goodness and expandable up to ~10cm extra! 

✅ USB-A Male to USB Type C (2.0) (Gold Plated)

✅ Hand Made in Australia!

This is a Factory Seconds Cable. Please see the description below and photos for the imperfections you might expect with this purchase.

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Factory Second Items Notice

This is a factory seconds item. This means the item did not meet the visual standard of quality that JUJUCables maintains with its standard inventory.

This means the item may have:

  • visual markings, cuts or coil imperfections;
  • scratches; or
  • inaccurate colors (from our standard range).

By purchasing this item, you accept these inherent qualities and appearances as part of your purchase and the item.

The Specs:

This specific cable comes with:

  • USB Type C 2.0 Cable** (Gold Plated)
  • Colours as shown in photos provided

These cables are made in Australia from scratch!

* Due to the process of making these hand made cables, there will be variances of the final cable length. All cables are checked to ensure they match the specifications shown above.

**Our USB-C connectors are high quality and implement the proper power/design specifications for USB-C 2.0.

What will it work with?

This is a mechanical keyboard cable. It is made for computer keyboards and peripherals that support a coiled cable. This cable is not made for charging or data transfer on phones and other devices due to its length.

If you are looking for mobile and other device cables for charging and data you should check out the cables here!

Straight USB Cable Customizer

Shipping Your Cable:

This is a hand-made product and is not mass produced. This specific item is in-stock and can be shipped immediately. This is not a made to order item.

Shipping time depends on location. We only offer tracked shipping for our cables.

To track your order or see approximate shipping times please check our shipping page.

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